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Black Friday + Thanksgiving Sales

November 21, 2022

Get discounts on Black Tanks and Commander transfers with our limited-time Black Friday sales!

22 NOV
11:01UTC Time
29 NOV
9:59UTC Time

Save up to 50% on the legendary Black Tanks!

Famous for their rarity and post-battle bonuses, Black Tanks are a reliable medium and heavy tank roster. Commanders have always had a short period to add the members of the first “Big Family” of World of Tanks Modern Armor to their collection, and that time has returned!

Back in Black: Bruiser Duo
Back in Black: Supporter Duo
T-34-3 Black

13,612 Gold 8,100 Gold

40% Savings

IS-6 Black

14,564 Gold 8,700 Gold

40% Savings

Löwe Black

15,460 Gold 9,200 Gold

40% Savings

T34 Black

14,784 Gold 8,800 Gold

40% Savings


9,456 Gold 6,600 Gold

30% Savings

STA-2 Black

9,210 Gold 6,400 Gold

30% Savings

FV 201 Black

6,360 Gold 5,050 Gold

20% Savings


And joining this savings extravaganza, here’s your…

50% Discount on Commander Transfers

Transfer your Commanders at half price for a whole week! Want to make the most of your new stallions in battle? Then put the most qualified individuals at the wheel.

Speaking of extending the family, check out the new TL-7 Black and the Bofors Tornvagn Black (plus their stats and bundle prices) in their own dedicated article.

And in addition to the new and returning Black Tank content, the Early Black Friday Sales are still going strong. Meaning that you can continue to take full advantage of another week of…

  • Premium Time Sales:
    • 50% off 360 days of Premium Time
    • 25% off 180 days of Premium Time
    • 25% off 30 days of Premium Time
    • 20% off 7 days of Premium Time
    • 15% off 3 days of Premium Time
    • 10% off 1 day of Premium Time
  • Free XP Conversion Bonus – 1 Gold to 32 Free XP
  • 25% discount on all Equipment
  • 50% discount on all Cosmetics:
    • Camo
    • Flags
    • Emblems
    • Inscriptions
    • Skins (both Hero and Premium Skins)

The Black Tanks are setting up the Black Friday stage and welcoming two new vehicles into their ranks. And they’re expecting some longtime friends coming November 29th. Keep your eyes open!