No Foolin’ With These April Fools’ Drops!

March 29, 2021

We don’t joke about random drops… especially when they’re available all week long!

30 MAR
10:01UTC Time
8:59UTC Time

It’s that time of year again, when banana peels are placed in the paths of incoming tanks, artillery guns shoot streams of shaving cream instead of shells, and tank commanders find well-placed whoopie cushions on their seats.

Okay, none of this really happens. Um… April Fools?

Yes, tankers, April Fools’ Day is once again upon us. This means that it’s time for the return of Surely You Jest… and this year, it’s back with new rewards!

To receive rewards from Surely You Jest, all you have to do is win a multiplayer battle. That’s it. No joke. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the table below!

Surely You Jest

Goals Rewards Restrictions
Win a battle
  • First completion: Medal – “You Donkey!”
  • Subsequent completions: random drop
  • Multiplayer only
  • “You Donkey!” medal available once per account

After you receive the stunning* “You Donkey!” medal for your first win, you’ll get a random drop for every subsequent multiplayer battle you win throughout the week—no limits!

There’s plenty of fun to be had among the possible random rewards. Take a look at all of them below!

Surely You Jest: Random Drop List
Trickster (male) Commander

Trickster (female) Commander

Inscription: I Pity You Fools!

Inscription: I’m No Fool!

Inscription: April Fools!

Emblem: April Fools!

Emblem: Clown

Emblem: Banana Peel

Emblem: Rubber Chicken

Emblem: Squirting Flower

Emblem: FOOL!

Emblem: Jester Emoji

Emblem: Laughing Emoji

Emblem: No Fools

Emblem: Trash Panda

Emblem: Danger Noodle

Emblem: Fart Kitten

Emblem: Garbage Dog

Emblem: Baguette

Emblem: Pizza Tank

Emblem: Camping

Emblem: Ducky

Emblem: Sawed Off

Emblem: DOG II

Have fun out there, Commanders, and watch out for the giant rubber chicken in the middle of Prokhorovka.

…April Fools. 😊







*Made you look!