April 6th Stream Recap: New Intel!

April 7, 2021

Hello all!

Here is the recap of our Intel Briefing today. You can rewatch the stream here:

Coming Soon:

A New Game Mode that contains the following:

  • New Larger Maps. 1400×1400 compared to 1000×1000, available in new mode as well as the legendary core mode for specific tiers.
  • Era Based Matchmaking. Exclusive to this new mode, tanks will only fight other tanks within their era.
  • New Vision System. Exclusive to this new mode, offers always on rendering and additional benefits such as Smokescreen consumables.
  • New Consumables. Exclusive to the upcoming game mode. Smokescreens to negate enemy vision and Hull Patch Kits for minor restoration of vehicle health over time.
  • No Artillery. Exclusive to the upcoming game mode, we’ll continue to support players who’ve invested in Artillery with the legendary WOT experience.

We will learn more about this New Game Mode by the end of next week, and we hope that it will be released by the end of the month.


Friday, April 9th – Community Update with PainGod – 1400 CDT (1900 UTC) – WoTConsole Twitch

Monday, April 12th – Insider Information Stream – 1400 CDT (1900 UTC) – WoTConsole Twitch

DISCLAIMER – These are recap notes provided early for your benefit. As they are advanced, please be aware that they may subject to change before the update is completed.

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