Data Protection

For more information on protecting data, view the General Data Protection Rules within the Privacy Policy.

{Äccöünt Äctïöns}

The actions below are applicable to your World of Tanks Console Edition account. While your platform sign in credentials are used for verification, these actions will not impact the platform account.

Export Data provides the opportunity to export the information from Wargaming about your World of Tanks Console Edition account. An archive of the data will be made available for download.

Deleting an account will remove your profile from World of Tanks Console Edition. You would lose any in-game assets earned or paid for. You would also not be able to access portal, forums or the Player Support site.

Please note that the World of Tanks Console Edition account can be restored within 30 days after the deletion request, after this period the personal data will be lost irrevocably. To recover an account you must login to during this time period.

Once deleted, logging into World of Tanks Console Edition on your console will create a new World of Tanks account that would not include any of the assets or progress achieved before deletion.